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Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Box (32)

Blood Bowl Basic Game

Bloodbowl Goblin Fanatics Blister (4)

Blood Bowl - The Scarcrag Snivellers Goblins Box (12)

Bomber Dribblesnot (1)

Fungus the Loon (1)

Goblin Booster/Goblin Team Booster Pack (Random 3)

Goblin Cheerleaders (Random 3)

Goblins Blood Bowl Team Blister (16)

Morg 'N' Thorg

Nobbla Blackwort Blister (1)

Orc Booster/Orc Team Booster Pack (4)

Orc Cheerleaders (3)

Orcland Raiders

Orc Team Box/Orc Blood Bowl Team (11)

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