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Elven Mage Blister (1)

Flamespire / Frostheart Phoenix

High Elf Chariot / Lion Chariot of Chrace Box (1) 2007

High Elf Hero Blister (1) (Phytrion,Selafyn)

High Elf Silverhelm Knight Blister (1)

High Elf Spearman Blister (3) // High Elf Spearmen Blister (3)

High Elf Warriors Regiment Box (16)

High Elf White Lions of Chrace Box (10)

High Elves - Archers and Spearmen Box (8)

Mounted Elf Archers Blister (1)

Sword masters of hoeth blister (3)

Aenur, Sword of Twilight Blister (1)

Alarielle The Radiant

Alith Anar, Shadow King

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