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Hound 2, Chaos Hound, Hound of Chaos Saberwhulf

Hound 3, Chaos Hound, Hound of Chaos, Redeyes Lahse

Hound 4, Chaos Hound, Hound of Chaos, Whitephang

Mace and Spell Book, Champion of Tzeentch " No Face"

Palanquin of Nurgle Chaos Champion with Sword and Whip

Pink Horror Arm and Sword, Champion of Tzeentch

Two Heads, Chaos Hound, Hound of Chaos, Two-Heads

Undead, Chaos Hound. Hound of Chaos, Rhova

3 Arms,Tzeentch Chaos Renegade

Apeman, Night Horror

Armoured Mite, Chaos Familiar

Axe 10, Chaos Warrior

Axe 11, Chaos Warrior

Axe 12, Chaos Warrior

Axe 13, Chaos Warrior

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