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Tomb King Infantry Sprue, Tomb King

apophas Sprue

Catapult Sprue 1, Tomb King

Catapult Sprue 2, Tomb King

Guard Swords Sprue, Tomb King

Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx Body and Armour Sprue

Khemrian Warsphinx / Necrosphinx Head and Palanquin Sprue

Necropolis Knight Right Arm 81C

Settra Left Arm Sprue, Tomb King

Skeleton Torso Sprue, Tomb King

Tomb Guard Sprue

Tomb King Cavalry Sprue, Tomb King

Tomb Kings Chariot Sprue

Tomb King Skeleton Horse Half-Sprue

Tomb King Skeleton Horse Sprue Full (2)

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