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Assassinorum Execution Force Board Game (23)

Blasted Standard Set Blister (3)

Chaos Renegades - Renegade Militia Rogue Psykers Blister (2)

Chaos Space Marine champion blister (1)

Chaos Space Marine Chirurgeon Backpack Bitz Pack (5)

Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought Box (1)

Chaos Space Marine Khorne Berzerker Box (12) // Khorne Berzerkers ( 12 ) Box

Chaos Space Marine Lord Blister (1)

Chaos Space Marine Raptors Box (5)

Chaos Space Marines Chaos Cultists Box (5)

Chaos Space Marines Possessed Box (5) // Chosen of the Chaps Space Marines Box (5)

Emperors Children Lord Blister (1)

Kharn the Betrayer (Khorne Berzerker) Blister (1)

Limited Edition Legion Praetor Tribune Blister (1)

Renegade Dreadnought Blister (1) (Chaos Dreadnought)

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